ATLUS Store Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.)

Before contacting our customer support, please read this FAQ carefully. You may find your answer here.

If you need to reach our customer support team, please contact us through the Support Webform.



Which kind of products can I find on this store?

The Atlus Store is the official online shopping website of Atlus Interactive products. The Store offers the full range of Atlus products.

Does this store have exclusive offers?

The Atlus Online Store runs exclusive offers all year.


What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an order you place prior to the official release date of aproduct. This option is often available for limited editions. You place apre-order by entering all your details, similarly to a direct order, but youwill be charged closer to the release date. You will receive a reminder emailbefore you are charged and may modify your payment information.

What is the difference between a pre-order and a pre-purchase?

A pre-order is an order you place for a product which will be released andshipped at a later date, but for which you will not be charged until within afew days of shipping.

A pre-purchase is a pre-order for which you will be charged immediately uponplacing your order.

The product I wish to buy is out of stock, can I still place an order?

Unfortunately, you cannot order this product at this moment.

How do I know I have successfully placed my order?

If your order has been successfully registered, you will receive a confirmationemail. Please check all your inboxes, including spam and, for Gmail users, yourPromotions inbox for your confirmations email.

I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

First, please check that the confirmation email is not in your spam box, and ifyou are using Gmail, please also check your Promotions inbox. If you cannot findyour confirmation email in any of your inboxes, please contact our customersupport.

Where can I find my order ID?

You can find your order ID in your confirmation email, in the invoice sent toyou, but also in your personal account order’s summary, on your Atlus OnlineStore account page. Your order ID is important for you to track your order, tomake modifications or any other request pertaining to your purchase.

My card/PayPal had been charged but I have not received any order confirmation:

If you had placed an order and believe your card has been charged and yet youstill have not received a confirmation of your order, please ensure that you addour email address to your ‘address book’ to make sure all of our email are sentto the correct inbox. If after checking your spam folder and still not able tosee your order confirmation, we would recommend your log into your onlineaccount and check the status of your order. Sometimes, order are pull aside tobe manually reviewed by one of our team members. If that is the case, youraccount will show ‘Verification in progress’. Once we review your order andvalidate it, the system will automatically send you a confirmation email withall relevant information regarding your order.

I changed my mind. I would like to cancel my order. How do I proceed?

We're sorry you changed your mind. If you still wish to cancel your order,simply contact our customer support.

All orders available through this website must be returned unopened andundamaged. If the item is defective, it can be returned within 30 days with areceipt and the original packaging. Defective items may be exchanged for thesame title. Please contact our customer support for instructions on how toreturn a defective product.

Physical Orders

From which countries can I order?

You may order products from the United States of America (except Alaska, Hawaiiand Puerto Rico)

I made a mistake when entering my personal information. How can I change it?

Please contact our customer support, explaining what needs to be modified. Wewill make the changes for you. After this date the dispatch will automaticallybe made to the address you have provided.

My information

My shipping address is not the same as my billing address, how can I changethat?

You may change your shipping address at any time, by contacting our customersupport.


Which payment methods can I use?

We accept all payments from verified Paypal accounts and the following bankingcards: Visa MasterCard cards.

You may pay with your American Express card through the Paypal website.

Which currencies can I pay with?

You may pay with US Dollars. All transactions will be made and kept record of,reimbursed and accounted for in the currency you used for your purchase.

Can I pay with a foreign credit/debit card?

You may pay with a foreign credit card provided your credit/debit respects theabove criteria and the address of delivery is situated in the USA.

Is the payment secure?

Yes, it is. All information sent to the payment service providers is encryptedand protected with the latest SSL technology, most widely used in the world,which guarantees the transmission of this sensitive information to be secure.Moreover, we do not store any card details on our servers. Please not yourtransaction statement will be labeled “Scalefast™” on your bank account.

Why my transaction is labeled Scalefast™ on my bank statement. Shouldn’t it beAtlus?

Scalefast™ Inc is a Atlus trusted partner and the authorized seller of theproducts of the official Atlus Store website. By purchasing products from thiswebsite, you conclude an agreement with Scalefast™ Inc. Therefore, on your bankstatement, your transaction will not be labeled Atlus, but Scalefast™.

When will the sum be debited from my account?

You will be charged immediately after we confirm your purchase. For pre-ordershowever, you will be contacted a few days before shipping and will be remindedthat your account will be debited.

Do I need to pay additional taxes when I check out?

Prices on the Store may be subject to variation and you may be subject to taxesupon check out, according to your country and state of residence. Please note,we are not responsible for all costs which are or pertaining to customs costs.

I'm having trouble with my Paypal payment, what can I do?

We suggest you check your balance on your Paypal account and make sure you areusing a verified Paypal account. Please also note we do not accept payments witheCheck.

Do the payment and delivery address’ personal information need to be the same?

The name, credit card information, and the delivery’s addressee do notnecessarily need to correspond. You may send your order to a third party.

If I am outside the countries from which it is possible to order (see listabove) when I intend to buy my product, can I still make my purchase?

You will be able to access the online website from worldwide, and successfullyplace your purchase. Please note your delivery will still only be made strictlywithin the above stated countries.

Do you have access to my card details?

No, we do not have access to your card details as your banking information isstored by the payment service provider and all transactions are protected by thelatest SSL technology. For further details, please refer to the Terms &Conditions of Sale.

My payment attempts has failed multiple times, how can I purchase my product?

If your attempts to place an order have failed repeatedly, we recommend youchange payment methods.

An error occurred during my payment, what should I do?

If an error has occurred during your payment, please try placing your orderagain later. Should any complications arise, please contact our customerservices to signal this error.

How do I benefit from my discount when I make my purchase?

All discounts on the store will be automatically integrated into your cart uponcheckout. If you benefit from a coupon code, you will have the possibility toenter this code in the first step of the shopping cart when you proceed to theplacement of your order.

Where can I find my order’s details?

You may find you order details in your confirmation sent to your mailbox uponcompletion of your purchase.

Where can I get an invoice for my order?

An invoice is sent out to you, attached, to your confirmation email.


Physical order

How will the delivery of my product be handled? By whom?

For all countries, USA included, the delivery of your product will be handled byUSPS, or any carrier selected at our discretion. Deliveries should take onaverage 3 to 7 business days.

What happens if I can’t be at the address I provided at the time of delivery?

If you are not present at the time of delivery, please contact your local postto retrieve the package.

When will I receive my product?

We do our best to deliver within the best delays. Shipment delivery may varyaccording to your location or shipment method.

As soon as your package is dispatched, you will receive your USPS or UPStracking number by email, giving you an estimated delivery date.

Who manages my delivery?

Our logistics service provider is Technicolor. The delivery will be handled viaUSPS

Where can I be delivered?

Are eligible for physical delivery, only the residents of the United States of America.


What procedures should I follow to return my product and get a refund?

For any inquiries pertaining to a return, please refer yourself to our returnpolicy.